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located at 36° 02' 26"N and 14° 17' 35"E at an altitude of 160m above sea level

April 1975: Maximum temperature, wind direction and approximate speed, sky condition and rainfall records started being noted. Numerical readings taken from local newspapers, TV and radio weather reports from the Luqa Meteorological Office located in mainland Malta, approximately 30km SE of Nadur, located on Gozo Island.

September 1975: Minimum temperatures started being recorded. September 1978: Rainfall readings for Nadur commenced.

January 1979: Atmospheric pressure readings started being recorded.

January 1992: Started keeping meteorological records using a Heathkit Advanced Weather Computer - Model ID- 5001B. Wind gusts and high and low pressure and times of occurrence added to observations. Also, time of high and low temperature and visibility records included.

February 1992: A 'comments' section included in the daily observations entry. Synoptic situation and any other relevant comments on the day's weather added.

November 2001: Replaced weather station equipment and location: started using the Oregon Scientific WMR-968 Wireless Weather Station, situated about 500m NW of previous location, and roughly at the same altitude.

July 2002: GozoWeather.com launched as part of the MaltaMedia Online Network. Live weather data and forecasts included.


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